Today we are so excited to introduce an at-home breast milk DHA test that will help breastfeeding mothers maximize the DHA benefit breast feeding provides to their precious little ones.

In both my professional and personal life as a practicing Gynecologist and mother to six, I have always been a strong advocate for breastfeeding mothers, and have been so encouraged with the advances in research and technology that help mothers in their journey -- and now EverlyWell is playing a part by providing breastfeeding mothers with the opportunity to monitor their breast milk DHA level and be able to affect positive dietary changes that will benefit both themselves and their breast feeding child.

DHA is a critical part of a baby’s health across a number of areas including eye development, nervous and immune system health, and -- most importantly -- cognitive development. Most Americans have no idea they are lacking DHA in their diet, or how to even account for monitoring those levels. Since breast milk DHA is directly correlated to a mother’s DHA level, low levels in mom may translate to low levels in baby.

With EverlyWell’s simple at home kit, moms can now test themselves and ensure that their diet is rich in DHA containing foods that will then be passed along to their child. We hope that the changes women make in their diets will be made for the entire household and benefit all family members, as 75% of Americans aren’t getting enough DHA in their diets.
EverlyWell is the exclusive provider of this test directly to consumers in the United States. The kits are priced at $69 and are generally covered by HSA or FSA accounts.

We hope that you will support our efforts to empower breastfeeding moms to affect positive changes in their dietary choices to provide maximum long term benefits to their developing child and promote breastfeeding benefits to all mothers in America.

Marra S. Francis, MD, FACOG
Medical Director, EverlyWell