Exciting news today! We are launching three new DNA-based kits that are sure to advance our customers' health & wellness insights to the next level. The new products, which harness DNA to yield personalized information about food sensitivity, metabolism and breast milk DHA, were developed in collaboration with Helix, a personal genomics company that today launched the first online marketplace for DNA-based products! EverlyWell’s new products will be available on the Helix marketplace along with a diverse range of DNA-based products focused on health, fitness, nutrition, family, ancestry and entertainment.

We are proud to bring the latest in DNA sequencing technology to our customers through the Helix marketplace, and our selection as a Helix launch partner is further validation of our platform and the exceptional consumer experience we’ve created. By sharing DNA information alongside key nutrition and metabolic biomarkers that we already offer, EverlyWell will be at the forefront of genomic and biomarker consumer testing.

For the past year, we have provided at-home lab testing kits with easy to understand results, and we are the only company offering an array of physician-reviewed lab tests that can be ordered and collected by consumers--without ever needing to leave home! Test orders are reviewed and approved by independent board certified physicians. EverlyWell’s tests provide personalized information and education to the consumer. We currently offer 13 different at-home kits focused on sexual health, thyroid, metabolism, men’s health, and breast milk DHA testing--which we are the exclusive provider of in the United States.

Our first three products available on the Helix marketplace include:

Food Sensitivity+ ($249): Measure sensitivity to foods and the impact DNA may have on the ability to digest certain foods and nutrients.

Metabolism+ ($149): Check current hormone levels and learn how DNA factors may affect weight through alterations in metabolism.

Breast Milk DHA+ ($89): Learn how much omega-3 DHA is in a woman’s breast milk and if DNA may affect your levels of DHA.

We are thrilled to work with Helix to be a part of this next step forward in advancing health and wellness for the community! Learn more about this exciting new partnership here.