We are excited to announce our new partnership with FLO Living, the Premier Online Hormone Health Center for Women! FLO Living helps you comprehend the root causes of your menstrual cycle symptoms, the natural remedies, and the support you need to make the changes in your diet. After helping thousands of customers test their hormone levels from the comfort of their own home, we here at EverlyWell wanted to give additional benefits to women wanting to take the next natural step to understanding their health. We researched multiple prime health programs and knew instantly that FLO Living was the best choice for women wanting help to assess what their hormone results are telling them and what to do moving forward. And it’s convenient - you can access FLO Living’s support from anywhere live through their online health center. We believe that all women deserve access to the best hormone health care which is why we are so excited about this collaboration!

Why offer at-home hormone test kits?

Hormone testing can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, not everyone has access to that type of care. FLO Living’s mission is to be a health care source for the everywoman. That is why Flo Living has partnered with EverlyWell to bring you accurate, at-home hormone test kits without the doctor visits and additional out-of-pocket expenses.

The motivation behind this collaboration is to ensure that women everywhere can access what they need to know about their hormones so that they can have better menstrual cycles. And as EverlyWell’s company values state: we believe testing should be as easy, accessible, and affordable.

What’s wrong with traditional blood work?

Problem 1 - If your OB-GYN doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with you, they can’t order a standard hormone test and bill your insurance company for you. And if you’ve recently had an annual, you may not be a candidate for additional blood work that’s covered by insurance.

Problem 2 - Standard blood panels typically only test estrogen, progesterone, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels, and LH (luteinizing hormone) levels. Whenever you have your blood tested, the lab results will only represent the hormone levels from that specific moment your blood was drawn. That means, you’re only getting a simple ‘Polaroid snapshot’ of one moment in time in your cycle. It’s not at all reflecting the full month of your fluctuating hormones and as a result you and your doctor might very easily miss where you have the imbalance in your cycle.

Problem 3 - If you end up having a hormonal issue, you could be encouraged to just take the pill or something similar as the solution without truly knowing why your hormones are imbalanced or what you can do about it with food, so you can resolve your symptoms naturally and not end up inadvertently making them worse by taking the pill.

Now what?

So if you’ve been wondering what your body is trying to tell you, our Women's Health Test is the first step to resolving your hormonal issues and taking control of your own health.

To read more about the FLO Living program and their partnership with EverlyWell, check out their website!