A slow moving metabolism may result in difficulty for women to lose weight at a normal pace, resulting in health complications due to being unhealthily overweight or obese. It can be discouraging for someone who puts effort in diet and exercise to then be unable to reap in the benefits of a healthy body due to having a slow moving metabolism, to the point that they just give up on maintaining themselves properly and suffer the consequences that they’ve have been struggling to avoid. This issue is known as a “The Weight loss Plateau”, which causes your progress weight loss to slow down or even grind to a halt. This dreaded “plateau” is a very real thing that affects those of us with a slow or unstable metabolism. Of course, along with the issues of not being in ideal health and shape comes emotional problems, such as depression and an overall lethargy.

Luckily, there are many ways around this, and plenty of ways to just overcome the issue entirely. Making sure to stay properly hydrated is chief among these. Water is an essential component of burning calories and it helps flush out any excess sodium and fluid that may be building up inside you. Also, a recent study found that adults who simply drank two cups of water before meals enjoyed a major weight loss benefit. They shed 40 percent more weight over a 12-week period while following a reduced calorie plan, just by keeping a two cup of water regimen before meals. As on-the-nose drinking a healthy amount of water may sound, it's something that is overlooked by a lot of adults, and many of us don’t hydrate properly causing a litany of issues and none of the benefits.

A study found that when women were told to eat more slowly, they drank more water and ate 4 times fewer calories per minute. During each meal try to take smaller bites, put your fork down between them, chew well, and savor your food. Be attentive and stop when you feel full, with the awareness you’ll be eating again in another three to five hours. Another thing to do would be to add more movement into your day. In addition to your usual workout regiment, build a little extra activity into your day. Stand up as you fold laundry, iron as you watch TV, or do the dishes by hand, for example. Just being on your feet burns an extra 30 to 40 calories per hour, and any little bit helps you in your crusade for proper weight loss. So if you're still finding it hard to lose weight after all these tips, figure out how fast or slow your metabolism is first, and then find the correct methods of dieting and exercise in order to get around the issue.

Fortunately, EverlyWell has metabolism testing, that will help you identify where you stand, and the obstacles your body has put in front of you. With proper detection and prevention, you can pick and choose which methods of extracurricular weight loss that would be best for you, and nip that pesky “Weight Loss Plateau” in the bud!