Think about the last time you had a diagnostic test: sitting in a waiting room, seeing a doctor, waiting in another waiting room, getting your blood drawn, and then receiving a list of numbers – and little else. I had a similar story of my own, spanning several months and thousands of dollars. After multiple specialist visits and blood draws, I ended up with a 15-page, black-and-white packet with little information. I spent days on WebMD and Google looking at every marker to try and understand what my results meant.

I knew there had to be a better way – especially since managing biomarkers is a top contributor to preventing chronic disease. With a few other passionate individuals, EverlyWell was created to redesign lab testing to be convenient and meaningful.

The EverlyWell experience is simple. You order one of our kits online, it arrives to your home in two business days, you collect your sample and return it to one of our fully-certified partner laboratories. EverlyWell provides a completely transformed, easy-to-read results report online in just a few days. Our customers will also have access to a community where they can discuss their results, what changes they have implemented, and how their results have changed. Wondering if your results are accurate? A board-certified physician in your state will authorize your order and review your results before you get them.

We’ve worked with some of the most advanced labs in the country to design our initial test menu which includes tests like Food Sensitivity, Cardiovascular, Inflammation, Metabolism, Women’s Fertility, and Heavy Metals. You’ll see us launching these tests and more over the next few months. These comprehensive test kits measure key biomarkers through dried blood spot, urine or saliva samples that are collected in the comfort of your home.

Kits start at $59 for one-time purchases, and soon we’ll have a $9.99/month subscription to get a quarterly cardiovascular kit and member-only discounts on other tests. Though insurance plans vary widely, most of our tests out-of-pocket are less expensive than the comparable insurance cost having to see a physician in person and specialty lab testing.

Today, I’m excited to announce our beta launch. We’ll be growing our test menu, partner labs, and MyEverly features in the coming months. Ultimately, EverlyWell is about access for individuals to health data to change lives. We are proud to offer a suite of direct-to-consumer, regulatory-compliant tests…without a lab visit. And that’s just the beginning.

Visit us at to order a test kit today.

Be EverlyWell,
Julia Cheek
Co-Founder & CEO