"One year ago, EverlyWell was publicly launched, and this exciting venture that we had been planning for months was finally set into motion. I want to thank you personally for your business with us; I appreciate you trusting us to provide you with your own personal health insights, so you can start living a happier, healthier life. What started as a major inconvenience when I was trying to get a few lab tests run turned into a brand and service that helps thousands of people every month simplify health testing -- and gives you more control and access to testing. It has been an exciting journey so far, but this is just the beginning.

Our mission is as strong as the day we started: to be the next-generation health testing platform designed completely around you, the person who matters the most to your health. Through easy online ordering for test kits, at-home collection, and completely redesigned lab results that are easy to understand, we’ve transformed the testing experience to be focused on the individual. We started with only three tests to sell, and now we have thirteen options available. As private health ownership continues to grow, we believe that biomarker data is and will be increasingly important to consumers to get the full picture of their health.

If EverlyWell has made a positive impact in your life, I would be so grateful if you shared your experience with us to your family and friends. And, stay tuned for several new products and exciting announcements in the coming weeks. We are working harder than ever to bring you more tests, more content, and more cutting-edge services that can enhance your experience with EverlyWell.

Again, thank you for your confidence in us; we hope to continue to make you proud."

Yours truly,
Julia Cheek
EverlyWell CEO and Founder