Whether you’re experienced at finger-prick testing or it's your very first time, it never hurts to have a short refresher on how to test properly so that you get the most accurate results for your blood test. Thankfully, here at EverlyWell, we only require a couple small drops of blood to test since collecting larger volumes of blood cannot currently be done at home.

Pricking your own finger can be a bit nerve-wracking, but we assure you that the process is seamless. The sight of blood can make some people squeamish; we totally get it! Many EverlyWell customers have told us that the lead up to the finger prick was intimidating, but once they finally did it, it was simple and virtually painless. To make the process even easier, check out these tips to help you get started:

  1. Drink plenty of water in the hours prior to your specimen collection.

  2. The best site for a finger puncture is just off the center of the finger pad of the 3rd (middle) or 4th (ring) finger of the hand.

  3. Make sure hands (fingers) are warm. Run under warm water for 1 minute if necessary to increase circulation.

  4. Another tip for increasing circulation? Rub your hands together to warm them up.

  5. Make sure you place your finger on a firm surface, like a countertop or kitchen counter, to ensure that you get the proper depth when activating the safety lancet.

  6. After lancing collection area, use "milking" motion to draw blood towards puncture area.

  7. Unable to puncture your finger yourself? Have a friend or relative do it--just make sure they are aiming in the correct area (slightly off center of your ring/middle finger).

  8. Focus on your breathing to prevent overthinking the finger prick. It acts as a pleasant distraction.

  9. Don't use alcohol beforehand as it can dry out the skin.

  10. Shake your hand a bit upside down to encourage blood to flow toward your fingertips.

Still feeling uneasy? We have a video for you to provide even more guidance. You can also email our customer service team anytime at [email protected] if you have any direct questions; we're happy to help!

Photo provided by Root & Revel