Is it just us, or is gift giving on Mother's Day even more stressful than any other holiday? When your mom is your best friend (or even the mother of your child), you want to give her everything she deserves, not just a bouquet of roses and call it a day. To help you out, we've come up with a couple different ways to show your mom how much you care -- without breaking the bank in the process!

  1. Cook Her Dinner
    Breakfast in bed is out, and a nice dinner with actual conversation is in. Find out what her all time favorite dish is or cook her something she has always wanted to try but can't find the time to make. Sure, it may not come out perfect (for all us bad cooks out there), but the fact that you put energy and effort into something special will mean the world to your mom. And side note: don't just cook, but clean up after yourself too! Remember, this day is all about taking a load off mom.

  2. Clean Up
    Okay, we know cleaning the home isn’t the most glamorous gift to give your mom, but it may be exactly what she wants. Wouldn't you love to have someone come in and clean your home for you for free? Take a day to do chores that your mom normally does, or do chores that your mom has been meaning to do -- like washing the car or cleaning out the dryer vent. Or maybe run an errand for her like taking the dog to the groomer or doing her grocery shopping! Moms work 24/7 on the reg, so let’s give them a little break for a change.

  3. DIY Wine Tasting
    A fancy wine tasting tour can get expensive -- instead, why not buy a few small bottles at your local grocery store and have your own wine tasting soirée at home? There are lots of great wines out there for $10 or less, just ask for help when trying to decide. Bonus: buy some fancy cheese to pair with your wine!

  4. At-Home Spa Treatment
    Can't afford to send your mom on an all-out spa day? No worries. Draw a bubble bath with candles and bath salts and set out her favorite magazines and fluffy slippers. To go above and beyond, gift her a couple bath bombs for an extra luxurious touch. This is a great option if your mom would rather stay home and relax! And who wouldn't want that?

  5. EverlyWell Health Test
    We all want our moms to live long and healthy lives, so why not let her know (and you too!) she's on the right track? From now until the end of Mother's Day, we are offering 15% off our Women's Health, Metabolism, and Breast Milk DHA tests for that special mama in your life. They can easily be gifted straight from our site and sent directly to your mom -- she doesn't even need to leave the house! Health tests may be an unconventional gift, but it's also a gift that could change a life for the better. Take a look at our tests and use the code "4MOM" at checkout for your discount!

How are you treating your mom for Mother's Day?